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What children will learn

We offer children a wide range of experiences, both inside and in the garden. These will nurture their all-round development and lay a solid foundation for later learning in primary school. This time in a child’s schooling is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage which begins at the age of three and continues until the end of the reception class in their next school. You are welcome to read the illustrated copies of our curriculum policies. You will find these on the parents’ bookshelves. In brief, our curriculum includes:


Personal, social and emotional development – self-confidence, independence, forming relationships, collaborating, respect for others and the environment, positive attitudes towards learning, concentration.


Physical development – control of large muscle movements through running, climbing, balancing, kicking, throwing; developing fine manipulative control through using tools, scissors, brushes; learning to take care of yourself and about what you need to do and eat to stay healthy and safe, facing challenges.


Communication, Language and literacy –speaking and listening, re-telling and inventing stories, a love of books, stories and poems, awareness of print, writing, the names and sounds of letters.


Mathematical development – counting, calculating, recognising numerals, shape, space and measurement, pattern, problem solving.


Knowledge and understanding of the world – observing, questioning and experimenting, testing and interpreting through work on processes, forces and the living world, constructing, designing, planning, using tools and materials, ICT, a sense of history and a sense of place, learning about religions.


Expressive arts and design- drawing, painting, making models, using clay/dough, appreciating the work of others, sewing, music, dance, imaginative and fantasy play.