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2. General Information

General information for parents and carers


  • Paper Copies

     If you would like a paper copy of any of our policies these are available on request.


  • Security

While you are in the nursery, please do not open the front door to let anyone in, even if it is another parent. A member of staff must do this so we know who is on the premises. When you leave the nursery, please make sure the door is firmly closed behind you.


  • Registration

Please make sure your child’s teacher knows they are present. To do this you must take your child into the room where his/her team is based. The teams swap their base rooms (the blue room and the yellow room) each week. After your child has said “hello”, she/he may choose to play in either of the rooms or the garden. In the entrance hall you will find a class list to remind you which room your child is that week. Please look at this each morning or afternoon with your child. This will also help them to recognise their name.


  • Punctuality and attendance

Please arrive at school on time, sessions will start at 9.00 in the morning or 12.45 in the afternoon. The door will remain open for 15 minutes between the beginning and the end of each session. It is very hard for children to settle in when they arrive late and it can also disrupt teaching for other children, so please ensure you arrive on time.


If you want someone else to collect your child, you must tell us beforehand. We will not let a child leave school with someone we do not know.


If your child is too unwell to come to school, please phone us before 9.00 or 12.45 on 020 7186 0081.


Please avoid taking holidays in school term time. Frequent or prolonged absences might mean your child’s place will be withdrawn. If you want your child to be absent for the celebration of religious festivals, please make sure you talk to us about this in plenty of time.


  • Illness and accidents at school

We can administer medicines if children have a chronic condition such as asthma or epilepsy. See the head teacher to make sure we understand how to give the medication correctly. We cannot give medicine e.g. antibiotics, prescribed for short term illnesses, so your child should be kept at home until they are better.


If your child becomes unwell at school we will phone you, so please make sure you tell us if your number changes. We will give simple First Aid if your child is hurt at school and we will tell you what has happened.


  • Clothing

We don’t have a uniform but children must be dressed in suitable clothing to get the best from their time here:-

Clothes that are easily washed because we can’t guarantee that our aprons will keep all paint off.


Clothes that are easy for children to pull down themselves so they can manage the toilet independently – so no tight jeans with belts please.


Clothes in which children can be active – run, climb, dig, kick a ball – so track suit trousers and loose tops rather than tight trousers, tight skirts or long trailing dresses.


Shoes must be well fitted, support the whole foot, enclose the toes and have soles with good grip. These will enable the children to run, climb and kick safely. Children must not wear flip-flops, thin strappy sandals, high heels, slip-ons or shoes with no backs

Long hair must be tied back.


Dangling jewellery must not be worn and we cannot accept responsibility for any precious items so please leave them at home .


These clothing requirements apply to boys and girls – all children need to be active. Think practical working clothes rather than smart going out wear.


Most children will occasionally wet or soil themselves. Please don’t worry. We are happy to change their clothes and keep a supply of spare clothing for this purpose. When your child grows out of trousers, socks, knickers and pants, please pass them on to us if you haven’t got younger children who will grow into them.


We play outside throughout the year whatever the weather. We provide appropriate clothing for the children to wear whatever the weather. For winter we provide waterproof, padded, all- in- one suits which keep them warm and dry, as well as Wellington boots, fleece hats and waterproof, fleece-lined gloves. In the summer we have sun-hats and sun cream.


The nursery is probably not as warm as many homes because we have the doors to the garden open throughout the year. Please make sure your child has enough layers on in winter e.g. a vest, long-sleeved top and jumper.


  • Sweets, toys and birthdays

Children are not allowed to bring sweets or snacks to school.


They may help themselves to a drink of  milk or water throughout the session, as well as apples, pears and carrots. We also cook with the children several times a week so no one goes hungry! We make hot chocolate in cold weather. Please tell us if your child has any allergies.


Children’s own toys are best left at home so they don’t get lost or broken. Some children are particularly attached to a teddy or comfort cloth; they may bring that to school during the settling-in period.


We celebrate children’s birthdays by lighting candles and singing Happy Birthday. Please don’t send cakes as we want each child to be treated the same.


  • Mobile phones

Please switch your phone off before you come in to the nursery and keep it off the whole time you are here. You may not use it or any other device on these premises for any purpose, including taking photos, e-mails or connecting to the internet.