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4. Home/School Links

  • Borrowing books

Children are encouraged to borrow library books from the school. Your child’s key worker will explain how the system works during the settling-in period. We have bi-lingual book bags with a story and props in English and a variety of home languages which are also available to borrow. The key worker or support teacher for children with English as an Additional Language will show you these. Please try to return books and props undamaged but accidents do happen; let us know if something is lost or damaged so we can replace it. Please don’t be put off borrowing if this happens. We are always keen to make new stories in languages we don’t yet have. We will ask you if you would be free to come and help make them in your home languages for our collection.


  • Library Friday 

Each child will be given their own book bag. This is to transport your child's library book safely too and from school. In the bag is also a reading record where staff and parents can comment on your child's reading. There is information and tips on how to read with your child at home. Please make sure you return your child's book bag weekly to the library basket, and a member of staff will make sure your child has a new book to read at home. Please feel free to change your child's library book as many times as you would like and do ask if there is a particular book you might like to borrow. We have books on lots of emotional situations such as; a new sibling, bereavement, separation, Autism, sharing etc. 


  • Outings

We regularly take children out on visits in the local area and beyond. Favourite places are:

  • Tate Britain
  • Local shops
  • Vauxhall City Farm
  • Grosvenor Square


We go to other places in response to children’s particular interests. Children go out in small groups with one adult for every two children so everyone’s hand is held. We only go out with your permission. This will be discussed more fully with you when your child starts. We often invite parents to come with us on the bigger trips.

From time to time we have musicians, story tellers and artists to work in the nursery. You are also welcome to spend time in the nursery, once your child has settled, working with the children; some parents come in to cook or read stories. Let us know what your interests and talents are.


  • Parties

Twice a year we have a party for parents, children, staff and governors. These are after school, usually between 4.00 and 5.30 p.m. We all bring a little food to share. These are lovely occasions when we can all meet informally and get to know each other a little better.


  • Behaviour and discipline

Learning to behave appropriately in a group is a very important part of nursery education. Most children will sometimes find it hard to take turns and share; some children might take a while to learn how to solve disagreements through talk rather than hitting someone.

We help them to learn acceptable ways of expressing emotions and needs by:


  • At all times acting with respect and courtesy ourselves
  • Teaching children words they can use such as “ stop that. I don’t like it”
  • Giving specific praise and attention to the behaviour we want
  • Talking about each other’s feelings
  • Helping them to make amends in meaningful ways if they have hurt someone else


 You may have different methods at home but we ask you to support what we do at school because we have to consider the care and development of all the children here.

 We are responsible for and watchful of the children during school hours. Please come to us if you have any concerns rather than tackling the parents of other children, or the children themselves. Please also see our Behaviour policy for more information.