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9. Lunch

At Tachbrook all children who attend full-time eat lunch whilst at school. Children are served lunch using a 'family style' approach, seated at a table with 6 to 8 other children and a meal supervisor. The meal supervisor will serve the food and encourage your child to try and taste a range of foods.


Having lunch is an important part of the nursery day. Children will have lots of different experiences of eating. Some children will eat meals with their family at a table, others with siblings, some will eat with a spoon and others with their fingers etc. Our meal supervisors are experienced members of staff and will eat with the children modelling good eating habits. We encourage parents to stay for your child's first lunch so you can share this experience with them.


Our lunch menu works on a 3 week programme. Please let us know if you would like your child to have a vegetarian meal. We are able to incorporate some dietary needs. If you have any concerns please speak to your child's key worker.