From Monday 23rd March 2020 with great sadness Tachbrook Nursery will be closed until further notice.
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Our School Governors


CATEGORY                                                    NAME                                                        


Parent                                                            Christina Barker

Parent                                                            Rachelle Byrne

Parent                                                            James Fenton

Parent                                                            Vacancy


Local Authority                                               Rachel Armitage (Chair)


Co-opted                                                       Jo Kendall

Co-opted                                                       Anita Marijetic

Co-opted                                                       Katarina Schmidtova

Co-opted                                                       Thelma Miller

Co-opted                                                       Kate Shrivastava

Co-opted                                                       Christina Barker


Head Teacher                                                Elizabeth Hillyard

Support Staff                                                  Clare Webster



Clerk                                                              Selwyn Harper